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Shanghai Ruihe Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: PPR Pipe/PPR Fitting/HDPE Pipe/HDPE Fitting/PVC Conduit Pipe and Fitting
Ranked #2 most popular in Plastic TubesDesign-based customizationFull customizationMinor customizationSample-based customization

There are Live show to introduce our factory and products for you on September. 


Live show schedule: 


We will broadcast live on September 1th/14th/21th/29th
March 1th at 15:00am (Beijing Time)
March 14th at 6:00am (Beijing Time)
March 21th at 15:00am (Beijing Time)
March 29th at 1:500am (Beijing Time)

Will introduce our pipe and fittings for you.
Lead you into our production workshop 
If you are interested, pls follow our live broadcast

At that time we will have a competitive price for you
Free samples are available